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Travel Awards 2024- New Deadline 31st May 2024

The EMC Early Careers Research Association is delighted to announce the availability of two travel awards, valued at approximately $450 USD, for early career researchers attending the 51st EMC in Ljubljana. The purpose of the travel award is to support PhD students and Post-Docs (less than 10 years) with their travelling expenses.

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it to with the subject ‘travel award’. Please make sure to include your motivation letter/statement about how attending the EMC would benefit your scientific career and why financial support is needed (Due to the blinded evaluation of the motivation letter, please do not include personal information such as name, affiliation, etc.; limited to 150 words)

Applications close on the 31th of May 2024.

Winners will be notified mid/end of June.


The European Society for Muscle Research Early Careers Association (ESMR-ECA) is an organisation dedicated to empowering early-career muscle researchers and promoting their professional development. Our mission is to foster collaboration, mentorship, and diverse perspectives within the early career muscle research community.

We aim to create an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities for all members, regardless of their backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, or affiliations. By nurturing a safe and respectful space, we encourage open dialogue to allow not only for the exploration of scientific ideas but also to provide peer support in technical and career matters, thus fostering personal and professional growth among early-career scientists, promoting their success and well-being.

To achieve these goals, we organize a range of events, including online seminars, social media platform (through Discord), and in-person gatherings around the ESMR- European Muscle Conference. ESMR-ECA endeavours to inspire early-career muscle researchers to excel in their fields, advance the collective knowledge in muscle research, and make a lasting impact on the scientific community.

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Christine Loescher (Chair)

University of Muenster

Maicon Landim-Vieira (Co-chair)

Florida State University - College of Medicine

Franziska Koser (Secretary)

University of Muenster

Emrulla Spahiu (Treasurer)

Hannover Medical School

Vinicius Mariani (Outreach coordinator)

Duke University School of Medicine - Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Maria Rosaria Pricolo (Co-secretary/Social media coordinator)

Spanish National Centre of Cardiovascular Research

Past committee members

Jennifer Fleming